I earned a Bachelor of Science from Touro College, an M.B.A. from Baruch College, and a Doctor of Divinity from Torah Vodaath Seminary. In addition, I earned my CPC, Certified Professional Coach certification, from the distinguished Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching, an institution that has trained and certified nearly 10,000 coaches worldwide.

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Where I’ve Spent My Time…
I spent nearly twenty five years at Goldman Sachs, the most prestigious investment bank in the world. Throughout my long tenure, I held a variety of roles, as a team member, as a team lead, as well as some unique consulting positions. Over those years, I had the honor and pleasure of mentoring and coaching scores of colleagues, helping them realize their potential, by overcoming roadblocks and false beliefs along the way. Being able to spend so many years in such a world class institution, also gave me access and exposure to some of the smartest people, but more so to people who were driven to strive to live their dreams.

After leaving Goldman Sachs, I spent some time as an entrepreneur, and learned a great deal about the world of small business.

I have been coaching now for several years, and I have immense joy in being able to help people find their dreams, remove the stumbling blocks in their way, and be able to live a happier and successful life.

A Lifetime of Caring and Helping….
Through my professional experience, and life experiences as a father and grandfather. I have developed a keen knack to facilitate my client’s growth in their potential, gifts, career and life purpose. I am a passionate advocate for my clients and I help provide a path for them to change quickly and provides support, guidance, and valuable partnership along the way.

My philosophy is that we are deliberate creators of our lives, and I view my clients as resourceful, complete, and whole. Through my innovative, supportive, and results-oriented coaching style, I facilitate my clients in making the shift from passive to active in the creation of their lives, and help provide clarity, focus, and positive momentum. When you hire me as your Coach, you are hiring a strategic partner and asserting a firm commitment to make revolutionary and dynamic changes in your world.