What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our favorite people do the talking! Here are just a few testimonials…


“The life coach work I have done with Elie has opened me up to new possibilities. I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted my life to look like one day but it all seemed far away and unattainable. Through his coaching and guidance, I am now able to take action and work towards all that seemed so unattainable. This work has allowed me to connect to the answers that have always been inside of me. There has been peace in this work and a true sense that my life will be beautiful and fulfilled. Iwas not able to see that before. I am beyond grateful for the time and work he has done with me. I never could have realized the depth of this work and how it would change my life until I began the process of opening doors and my heart changing”

Robbie F. Bronx N.Y.business-1042708__180




Sometimes in life you get blessed to cross paths with someone who is a genuine and gifted at what they do.
I am so grateful for Elie Goldberg’s tireless effort to help me see the blocks that were getting in the way of myself. He helped me define what was really important to me in my career and then worked with me to tear down ANY obstacle that I could come up with so that I could truly step into a new reality. I am so grateful for his energy and wit which made the process fun (instead of painful as I thought it might be). If you are reading this I encourage you to work with Elie if you too dream of having a different life, but need someone to help pave the way with you to make it possible! Thank you Elie for being so generous with your time and knowledge and giving me the kick in pants I needed to get out of my way!
Ceclia B. Riverdale, N.Y.